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The sermons on this page are available and accessible for anyone to use in anyway.  As a former busy pastor, I know the time requirements on studying, researching, thinking, reflecting, praying, writing, editing and delivering sermons.  These sermons are gifts to preachers and teachers to help them as they bring the power of the gospel to people they serve. --Don Gordon


Don Gordon-C3 Founder

Megan Perdue.jpg

Megan Pardue - 2021 C3 Sermon Challenge Winner

Ben Lowe 2020.jpg

Ben Lowe - 2021 C3 Sermon Challenge Honorable Mention

Katherine Smith.jpeg

Katherine Smith - 2021 C3 Sermon Challenge Honorable Mention

Sarah Seibert.JPG

Sarah Seibert - 2022 C3 Sermon Winner


John Hackworth.jpeg

John Hackworth - 2022 C3 Sermon Honorable Mention


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