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The sermons available on this page are intended to be a resource for everyone, and you are welcome to use them in any way that supports your ministry or personal growth. Having been a busy pastor myself, I understand the demands of studying, researching, contemplating, reflecting, praying, writing, editing, and delivering sermons. Therefore, I offer these sermons as gifts to preachers, teachers, and all who are seeking to convey the transformative power of the Gospel.


I do request that you provide appropriate citation when using these resources. At a minimum, please include the preacher's name and the title of the sermon. If possible, also include the website URL and the date you accessed the sermon. This way, others can find and benefit from these resources as well. --Don Gordon


Why Should Christians Care for Creation?

Don Gordon - C3 Founder

Amy Brooks Paradise.jpg

Earth Day Sermon

Amy Brooks Paradise - 2024 C3 Sermon Challenge Winner


The Care and Keeping of God's Body

Keith D Herron - 2024 C3 Sermon Challenge
Honorable Mention

Rob Tennant.png

The Promises God Breaks

Rob Tennant - 2023 C3 Sermon Challenge Co-Winner

Eric Howell.jpeg

The Heavens Still Declare the Glory of God

Eric Howell - 2023 C3 Sermon Challenge Co-Winner

Zack Phillips.png

Zack Phillips - Pastor of Covenant Church, Arlington

God Loves Creation More Than We Realize (1 of 4)

God Sustains and Will Redeem "All Things" (2 of 4)

Having Dominion and Subduing (3 of 4)

Carrying Fire and Walking on Hot Coals (4 of 4)

Sarah Seibert.JPG

God Made Dirt...and God Saves It

Sarah Seibert - 2022 C3 Sermon Winner

John Hackworth.jpeg

Reclaiming This World's Only True Wonder

John Hackworth - 2022 C3 Sermon Honorable Mention

Megan Perdue.jpg

Eat What is Good

Megan Pardue - 2021 C3 Sermon Challenge

Ben Lowe 2020.jpg

The Gospel Call for Creation

Ben Lowe - 2021 C3 Sermon Challenge Honorable Mention

Katherine Smith.jpeg

The Singing Stones

Katherine Smith - 2021 C3 Sermon Challenge Honorable Mention

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