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10 Things You Can Do In 2021 To Care For Creation

1. Plant a tree. Development continues to reduce the tree population, so this is an “all hands on deck need.” You can plant a tree in your yard, community and even in the national parks through the Arbor Day Foundation. Trees absorb CO2 and emit oxygen. They are essential for life.

2. Be informed Read a good book on creation care like “Stewards of Eden: What Scripture Says about the Environment and Why It Matters." Keep up with environmental news on the C3 website and others such as: Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, ASPCA. Support these organizations with your contributions.

3. Shop with your own canvas bag. Americans throw away 27 million tons of plastic each year with only 8 percent being recycled. Remember the plastic you use at the store will most likely end up in a landfill or ocean.

4. Buy Local Purchasing books from your local bookstore saves on packaging and transportation cost via Amazon. Buying fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market keep your dollars (and taxes) in your community and keeps our air cleaner.

5. Walk instead of drive. Look for ways you can walk instead of drive to a store, park or friend’s home. It increases your health and reduces greenhouse gases.

6. Purchase free range and grass-fed beef, pork or poultry. The factory farms in America are perhaps the most inhumane systems in place providing food for our citizens. Become an informed shopper and vote with your pocketbook.

7. Recycle religiously Recycle plastics, paper, metals, electronic hardware. Donate old furniture and clothing to an organization that can resell it, thereby reducing our use of space in landfills. Make sure your business, office and school are recycling as well. Push a little.

8. Start a compost pile Studies show that 18 percent of our trash could be composted. Give the earth back some of its grass clippings, leaves, fruits and vegetables. The earth will love you for it.

9. Do an energy audit for your home. Energy companies may do this for little or no cost. Simply changing lights to LEDs can produce savings and reduce energy consumption.

10. Start a Creation Care Team at your church Don’t wait for the pastor. Gather a group of interested members to review how the church can embrace the call of God to be better stewards in your congregation. Host book studies, oversee recycling and encourage creation care for all.

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