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Christmas Sunset

Beautiful Christmas eve snowy sunset Three years ago I was in a hospital room On Christmas Day Recovering from my third heart attack from SCAD Where I almost died, but instead Was a "Christmas miracle." Since then, I've been diagnosed with PTSD, chronic fatigue, have frequent chest pain So much change in my life So many losses, so much to grieve So much time spent yearning to be "normal" Wish I could say I've spent every day since Being thankful for my blessings Instead I've cried, slept a lot, felt lost Wanted my previous life and health back I've gradually learned to feel gratitude for every day Bad or good, honor all my emotions, listen to my body Rest when I need to Deeply appreciate those who love me I'm beginning to see my struggles as a chance For a truly new, fresh life I also am aware that the timing of my heart attacks Was not random My rebirth was aligned perfectly with The birth of our Savior The one who taught us in 2 Corinthians 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you, For my power is made perfect in weakness." It is not a coincidence the wise men Brought gold, frankincense, myrrh to the newborn Jesus Each represents extremely personal wisdom for me After my near-death experience and spiritual growth since Gold stands for complete understanding, allowing one to both attain and maintain communion with God. Frankincense signifies relentless insistence on independence, tolerance for adversity, and encourages freedom of expression and clarity. Myrrh is a symbol of death and suffering I choose to focus on the light This snowy sunset reflecting my favorite color- purple The color that inspires one to divulge innermost thoughts. To gain a more profound understanding of self To continue with spiritual growth and guidance Through suffering, weakness, pain I choose life I choose love I choose to cherish Each moment As a precious reminder That I matter (photo and musing by Nancy Smith, please share instead of copy and pasting)

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