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C3 Receives a Grant from the Baugh Foundation

In 2000, John Baugh, the founder and president of Sysco Foods called me at my home in Mount Olive, NC. He was a legendary figure who grew a business undergirded by the ethics of Jesus. He was inviting me, the initial leader of Mainstream Baptists of NC, to attend a national meeting of Mainstream Baptists to talk about a broader, more loving and just Baptist witness in America.

All of which makes this announcement so special to me today. C3-Christians Caring for Creation has been named a recipient of its first-ever grant coming from the John and Eula Mae Baugh Foundation.

This grant will help us extend our mission of teaching the importance of loving God and our neighbors by loving the world God created.

(The photo below is of John and Eula Mae, and their daughter Babs.)

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