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Compost 150

C3 wants to inspire 150 individuals, churches, schools and businesses to compost. This reduces the amount of food waste that goes into our landfills and consequently, reduces carbon emissions. Lynn Odom, the editor of the C3 newsletter, lives in Durham and has been composting for some time now, but with little success in actually converting scraps into usuable compost. She found a solution.

CompostNow picks up the bins they supply their customers at the mail box each week and leaves an empty one. When they have collected 40 pounds of scraps, they leave a bag of compost in return. They even take pizza boxes.! Lynn can use this in her garden or give it away as a gift. Who doesn't want some rich organic soil to fertilize their garden, flower beds or plants.

Check out CompostNow to see if that is something that meets your needs.

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