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If a dead man is raised to life, all men spring up in astonishment. Yet everyday one that had no being is born, and no man wonders, though it is plain to all that is is greater to be created from a non-being than to be restored as a being. Because the Son of Man was restored all men were astonished,; every day a tree is produced from the dry earth and no man wonders. Five thousand men were filled with five loaves; every day the grains of seed that are sown are multiplied in a fullness of ears, and no man wonders. All wondered to see water turned to wine. Every day the earth's moisture, being drawn into the root of the vine, is turned by grapes into wine. Full of wonder then are the things which men never think to wonder at, because they are by habit become dull to the consideration of them.

Pope Gregory the Great (540-604)

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