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Welcome Dr. Lea Slaton

C3 is proud to introduce its newest member of its Board of Directors, Lea Slaton, pastor of Wilson's Mills Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Lea's church is a Green Chalice congregation in the Disciples of Christ denomination, indicating that stewardship of God's creation is part of their mission. Lea is married to Joe and they live in Clayton, NC along with their two cats. Lea is an advocate for racial justice, leads her congregation in spiritual formation and enjoys being an adult student of the piano. Lea brings a passion for God's creation, pastoral excellence and a winsome personality to C3 which will enhance our movement in so many ways. Welcome Dr. Slaton.

As a side note, Lea's dad, Rev. Dan Pardue. was the youth pastor to C3 founder Don Gordon. She has stories . . . .

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